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We only work with the best and most reliable products. We are specialized on software and hardware such as FDU , System 6000 , Atlas , Rez-Shield , Community and Ambiance all of them made by the familly Ilco DormaKaba . 

We offer a wide range of lodging solutions with recognizable brands such as Ilco and Saflok, providing electronic door locks, perimeter and facility readers and mobile access solutions, all supported by our access management software. Enhance your guest experience and increase operational efficiency with dormakaba’s complete lodging solutions. As a leading supplier in North America, we provide secure access control solutions throughout your entire hotel and resort property.

Specialized integrator of access control solutions

for Lodging & Multihousing

Certified Dormakaba Partner

Hotel front, example of our customers
Small hotel next to a condominium

Technical support

Our technical support specialists can provide assistance and maintenance to all computer systems and on hardware equipment as well

Consultance and plannification

We provide guidance to customers on everything from overall IT strategy, technology and functionality needed within the context of the customer’s IT and business environments and goals.

Network Solutions

Our Network Engineering team can find solutions for every situation and make sure your system meets the industry standard.

Service & Installation

Our installation and service specialists are certified to work with Saflok System 6000, Rez Shield, Atlas, Community and Ambiance.

Electronic Access Control

We specialize in keyless & BLE access control door locks for vacation renters, timeshare owners, and corporate housing tenants.

Managed IT Services

We offer managed IT support, security, strategy development and consulting services for the North American Lodging & Multihousing industry.

Lodging Systems

Enhance your guest experience and increase operational efficiency with dormakaba’s complete lodging solutions.

Our Services


When it's a about security, you want the best

Service VIP is not just about locks, it's about finding the solution that suits you in order for you to focus on the important stuff: managing your business.
Our team of professional is trusted across Canada, we aim to offer our customers a clear-minded experience, well aware of the new security standards taking place every year, we are the only access control integrators you will need. 



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We offer technical support from Monday to Friday 6AM to 10PM (EDT)

To get assisted quickly by one of our technicians, use the 'Technical Support' button at the bottom of your screen.
You will be prompted to pay for technical support and we will reply with assistance as soon as possible

Request a quote

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Directly with a professional agent so we can adapt our services to your exact needs

Request a quote that fits your specific needs, with the help of our access control specialists that take every aspect of your project in consideration, to offer you the best possible solution for you. 






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Everything you need to your Dormakaba lodging solution


Your products quickly and optionally subscribe to recurring card or fobs order to make sure your operation runs effortlessly

Our shop contains the products you need for your lodging solution. We offer the best price and one of our technicians can help you find the right solution to fit your new industry standards .

Access Control Integrators

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Enhance your guest experience and increase operational efficiency with dormakaba’s complete lodging solutions.

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